6 reasons to attend the conference

February 14, 2017 by adminintconf0

Being active in your area of interest can bring many benefits.

Our ”International Conference on Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Tourism Development” is dedicated to all people interested in the tourism field. During our conferences we offer the opportunity to mix and associate, form new relations, and fortify existing ones. Over coffee breaks, lunch, dinner and/or cocktails, you may create a connection with the perfect academic/ business partner. At a breakout session you may find yourself sitting next to your next partner or friend.

Here are 6 reasons to attend your industry conference:

  1. Educational opportunities. Invest in yourself and your career. You can`t miss new philosophies and changes that can impact future outcomes.
  2. Our conferences provide a great chance to network. Often participants from other regions of the country or other states can become cherished resources for recommendations and best-practices.
  3. Position yourself as an expert. When you are dynamic in your industry, you can develop a name as an expert to your colleagues and partners.
  4. Break out of your comfort zone. Breaking out of our comfort zones is just the form of action you need to take to break out of long-standing habits of thinking that have got you in a rut in our career.
  5. New tips and ideas. No matter how qualified you are at your job, everyone can acquire more information. The educational feature of our conference can picture you to new behaviors of leading your career and help you discover new ideas about how to be more productive.
  6. Have fun. Being in business should be gratifying and amusing. Our conferences are adding a layer of fun to managing your career growth by mixing a social feature into your education.




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