Developing sustainable tourism worldwide

February 2, 2017 by adminintconf0

 Tourism is one of the world’s fastest developing trades and an significant foundation of foreign exchange and employment for several developing states. Sustainable tourism development needs the informed contribution of all significant stakeholders, as well as sturdy political leadership to guarantee wide input and harmony building. Reaching sustainable tourism is a constant process and it involves continuous supervising of impacts, presenting the essential, pro-active and corrective actions whenever required.

Sustainable tourism should moreover maintain a high level of tourist satisfaction and guarantee a profound experience to the travelers, educating their knowledge about sustainability topics and stimulating sustainable tourism practices amongst them. Sustainable planning and management of tourism is one of the most demanding tasks regarding the future of the tourism industry.

World Tourism Organization Network defines sustainable tourism as: “tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities”.

Responsible tourism development procedures and management systems are appropiate to all forms of tourism in different destinations around the globe. Thus, sustainable tourism is any type of tourism that can be consumed in a more liable manner.

The most appropiate effects of responsible tourism are:

  • reduces negative social, economic and ecological influences;
  • produces countless economic profits for local folks and improves the well-being of host communities;
  • develops working circumstances and access to the business;
  • includes locals in decisions that mark their lives and life openings;
  • has positive influences to the preservation of environmental and cultural heritage involving variety tourism services.
  • is culturally perceptive, encourages respect between tourists and hosts/ entertainers.

We encourage the raise of investment in viable tourism, comprising eco-tourism and cultural tourism, which may include generating SMEs and simplifying access to investment, including through micro-credit initiatives for the local societies in areas with high eco-tourism prospective. It is important to establish the strategies and guidelines, in harmony with national main concerns and legislation for endorsing and supporting ecological tourism.



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