Cluj Napoca

3 days
International Conference on Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Tourism Development

October 6-8, 2017

We encourage you to prepare PowerPoint/ Prezi slides to support your presentation. Prepare your slides as a PowerPoint/ Portable Prezi and a PDF and bring it with you to the conference, on a USB flash drive or other portable memory device.You will have to transfer your presentation onto the computer to simplify a smooth transition between speakers.

If you demand special technology for your presentation please email, as soon as you can and we will do our best to help you.

Guidelines for Academic Presentations

The time allocated for a presentation is 15 minutes, with a further 5 minutes allowed for debate.

Your presentation should contain the following slides:

    • Title slide – Name, Title and Institution/ Organization represented.
    • One slide with the hypothesis you want to study.
    • 2 or 3 slides covering your current research plan.
  • You should not require any more than an absolute maximum of 10 slides – you will have two minutes for each slide.
  • It is generally disturbing to the audience to have too many slides in a short presentation.
  • Do not put too much text/ words on a slide – you want the participants to listen to you and not to be reading your slides!

Guidelines for Student Presentations

Each student is given 10 minutes to present their research study. There will be no questions between performances, but after all the presentations have been made there will then be a 15-20 minute debate phase for the session chairs/participants and all those present to offer feedback.

You need to maintain the number of slides in your presentation to 5.

You should cover the following:

  • Title slide – Name, Title and Institution/ Organization represented.
  • One slide with the research question and any hypothesis you are studying.
  • 2 or 3 slides covering your research proposal.
  • A concluding slide – a succinct of what you have spoken and your next actions regarding your research.
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